Interpreting Lung Function Tests Print
Written by three experts in the field of lung function testing and interpretation, this book is a practical ‘how to’ training manual, providing the reader with the necessary skills to interpret lung function tests results and to write a concise and informative report of the outcome by

Providing unique guidance on the reporting of pulmonary function tests, including illustrative cases and sample reports
Utilising many references available on interpretation of lung function and providing a reference/teaching tool for report writing
Providing the reader with the skill to interpret and write a concise, informative report
Providing examples of results and written reports
Focusing primarily on tests performed as part of routine clinical testing – spirometry, static lung volumes, gas transfer, bronchial provocation tests and maximal respiratory pressures

It is a superb new resource to educate medical students, junior doctors, family physicians, as well as advanced trainee physicians specialising in respiratory medicine, respiratory scientists and physicians.

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