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How To Correctly Use Inhaled Respiratory Medication Devices (CD Rom) Print

"This is an excellent education tool for improving asthma management"
Kristine Whorlow, CEO
National Asthma Council Australia

Sample ImageThis unique and very useful resource has been developed and produced by the Lung Health Promotion Centre at The Alfred.

Research and observation has identified that up to 80% of people with respiratory illnesses do not use their devices correctly. This may result in less than optimal management of their asthma.

The CD Rom has been developed as a resource for the demonstration of the correct use of inhaled respiratory medication devices. With easy to follow step by step guides, it enables health professionals to check their own device use and can also be used to teach patients to competently use their devices.

The interactive CD Rom can be used on any computer and provides verbal instructions, checklists and non verbal demonstrations for the six inhaler types currently available. Individual device information is easy to identify and access to help health professionals and/or patients improve their competency. Non verbal deomonstrations are particularly useful for patients who speak a language other than English.

For further information about the CD Rom please contact the Centre on (03) 9076 2382.


$25.00 (inc GST)
(+ $6 postage & handling)


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