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Frequently Asked Questions...

Asthma Educators

Q: Am I an asthma educator after the Asthma Educator's Course?
A: There are currently no formal credentials for Asthma Educators in Australia but the Lung Health Promotion Centre's Asthma Educator's Course is referred to by the National Asthma Council.


Q: Can you tailor a specific program for us?
A: Yes. The Lung Health Promotion Centre would be pleased to discuss your training program needs.

Q: How do I maintain my knowledge after a course?
A: There are a number of activities that will assist in maintaining knowledge following course completion including:

  • Attending professional development days through the Lung Health Promotion Centre or the Asthma Foundation
  • Obtaining updated course notes from the Centre - for people who have attended courses

Q: Who can do your courses?

A: All courses have been designed for attendance by currently registered health professionals.

Q: Would a Pharmacist find the Asthma Educator's Course useful?
A: Hospital and community pharmacists have found the course very useful. It can help with more efficient use of time when answering questions in a pharmacy environment. A significant percentage of people come to the pharmacist with specific asthma queries. It is good to have updated knowledge to be able to manage queries over the counter.


Q: Where can I find out about spirometry and how to do it well?
A: The Centre runs a TSANZ endorsed 2 day program for people wanting to have a very good grounding in how to perform and read spirometry.

Q: How do I maintain knowledge on spirometry after a course?
A: The Centre each year schedules a one day Spirometry Update Day which is open to health professionals who have attended the 2 day spirometry program.

Q: What spirometer should I buy for my general practice?
A: The selection of an appropriate spirometer to fulfil your practice needs should be simple, safe, effective and provide the range of readings and recordings you require and be supported by good backup service.

The choice of spirometer is covered in detail in the course "Spirometry Principles & Practice". This course is run regularly by the Centre. The NAC have also produced a publication "Spirometer - User's & Buyer's Guide" which is available on


Q: How do I find Australian statistics on asthma that are dependable?
A: The Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring report "Asthma in Australia" is an excellent publication for obtaining the latest statistical information. This can be found at

Q: What is the evidence that spacers and puffers are better than nebulisers?
A: The clinical evidence from the Cochrane Review shows the effectiveness of spacers and puffers compared, is at least equivalent to nebulisers. Nebulisers are more expensive, require a power source and need regular maintenance.

Q: Are there multi-patient use spacers available?
A: Yes, there are several multi-use spacers available. For a list of these and single patient use spacers available, contact the Centre on (03) 9076 2382.

Q: I want to start a smoking cessation clinic and want to know where to start.
A: The Centre runs a Smoking Cessation Facilitators course which will give you the education and resources you will need to run a clinic. We can also link you with an established clinic where you can gain support.




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