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Lung Health Promotion Centre at The Alfred Print

The Centre is committed to providing accessible, evidence-based, holistic education and support for health professionals. We believe this approach is essential to maintaining quality health care education. This empowers health professionals to promote self-management principles for people with chronic respiratory conditions resulting in improved health outcomes.

Upcoming Courses:

Victorian Respiratory Professional Development Day - Mon 17th Feb

We are pleased to announce Prof Michael Abramson, Prof Matthew Naughton, A/Prof Tom Kotsimbos et al are joining us at the forthcoming Victorian Respiratory Professional Development Day. An interesting and diverse programme covers topical and trends in Respiratory - Bushfires, Coronavirus, Vaping presented in an relaxed, interactive format.

Asthma Educators Course - Wed 26-28 Feb

Presented by experts in the field of asthma and respiratory illness, this course is a must for health professionals who wish to gain or refresh their knowledge of asthma.

Smoking Cessation Course - Wed 19-20 March

A 2 day evidence based course empowers professionals to treat and manage nicotine dependency.

Taking an holistic approach using proven evidence based techniques, the course is presented by active experts and helps skill participants to be able to work effectively one on one with clients for effective nicotine management and health outcomes.







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